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We are a group of farmers, gardeners, nature lovers, and health-conscious people whose passion is to live happily and healthily. We believe that being healthy is about being happy. Being healthy could mean different things to people and there are no certain rules except it pays if every person would start off with a positive mind set.

As the world continues to increase its population, the requirement for our food system grows. However, due to this demand the need to mass produce our food becomes a big business that preservatives, synthetic chemicals and other industrial techniques are employed to sustain the rapid and enormous food requirement of our society. The use of toxic chemicals to control pests and diseases on both farm animals and plants have endangered the end result of farm produce. As a result, the increase of various illnesses have been associated with the consumption of unhealthy and chemically-induced food products.

SarisariPH will play a major role between farmers and consumers— to provide food choices that are healthy, delicious and suitable to your budget. We believe that eating healthy food is not a trend, rather a return to tradition. Our main suppliers are our local farmers who practice a natural farming system and we make sure that we deal with them directly to assure that the products we receive are naturally farmed. Together, we will gradually improve the lives of our local farmers and motivate them to farm more and increase their race. This will give sustainable agricultural products in the long run that are safe and healthy. It is indeed possible to eat healthily on a budget while helping local farmers grow their farming community.


Natural farming has been variously worded over the years by so many practitioners but to our understanding, it is one that follows the law of nature. It is founded with a principle of equitable relationship between the farmer and nature that creates a balanced ecosystem, and that everything you need in order to farm is available right there. Using the Indigenous Micro-organism (IMO) for all aspects of farming inputs and techniques makes it a big difference to its produce and to the environment as well.

Natural farming is a way forward for humanity to preserve and protect our ecological systems today and the future while enhancing their health and wellness and supplying food that are safe and healthy.


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