Our Valued Farmers

Arnel Delas Alas

Arnel is a passionate natural farmer, he gained his farming experience since childhood. He cultivates plants, seedlings, raise livestock and all that goes into the daily processes of farming. Despite the fact that the number of farmers is decreasing in the Philippines, Arnel reminds us that plenty of people are going back to the land – to manage it, care for it, and cultivate food on it, in ways that are both healthy for the environment, and for people. He is starting to gain profit in farming when he integrate livestock farming and vegetable farming.


Richard Ablong

Richard is a perfect example of an aspect of farming that can’t get overlooked. He is a farmer-student who is known for having high self-determination, and of course, a love for farming. He fell with the idea of working for himself and doing something meaningful – people need to eat. He develops forages for native pigs and make sure the proper nourishment of it. The proceeds of the native pig he grown help him with his studies.

Roberto Pamintuan

People get into farming for all kinds of reasons. As for Roberto, he always enjoyed helping people, and feels that as a good farmer he should produce food that is natural, safe and healthy. He is committed to good agricultural practices that protect and preserve the land, hence he values the importance of natural farming to produce healthy and quality food not just for his family but for the community as well. Planting of vegetables such as okra, squash, water spinach, ginger, eggplant and chili brings his family fortune. He was able to send his children to school.


John Rey Olpos

John Rey lives with his wife and his 2 sons. He doesn’t just seek out nourishing products for himself and his family, but also helps other people in his community gain access to naturally good foods. He grows or raises livestock and poultry, maintenance, landscaping, and developing forages for native pigs. He sell his native pig mostly for lechon delicacy. He was able to earn money thru raising pig and chickens.

Brisilda Gaddi

Bris is a natural farmer from the north. Though traditional image of a farmer is someone who grew up on a farm and continued to farm their entire life, this is not true for Bris. Rather, she took a course major in Animal Science in PSAU (Pampanga State Agricultural University) and pursued a career in farming in order for her to apply the acquired skills and knowledge into her best practices and proper nourishment of native pigs and chickens. From livestock farming, she was able to help her parents in raising her siblings and bringing them to school.


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