Honey Vinegar 375ml

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Honey and vinegar as a remedy has been made well known as a medicine goes back to ancient times. One rationale for the vinegar and honey regimen is that a person’s blood stream tends toward becoming alkaline through a modern diet of fats, starches and de-vitalized processed foods. The acidity of vinegar, although weak, is enough to correct this excess alkalinity, and that a slightly acidic bloodstream prevents and fights infection. Since vinegar solution in a tea-kettle dissolves mineral build-up, research has found that calcium deposits in the joints might also be dissolved by a slightly acidic bloodstream.


1. Enhances digestion

2. Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin

3. Helps to lose weight

4. Prevents apathy, hay fever, sore throat, stomach discomfort

5. Promotes blood circulation

6. Honey and honey vinegar in equal quantities, taken a teaspoonful at a time, is an excellent remedy for sore throat and cough.

7. Slowdown aging process.

8. Enhance the immune system and antibiotics.


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