Jadam: Organic Farming (Second Edition)

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I.     Bringing Hope with Ultra-Low-Cost Agriculture(ULC)

  • Four aims
  • “I” am the farming expert
  • Challenges facing agriculture
  • Farmers sell agricultural product worldwide
  • Where is our agriculture headed?
  • Farming in post-2020 era
  • Transition from conventional to organic
    -Healthy living with JADAM’s SESE

II.    Philosophy & Principles

  • Do as nature does
  • I and others are one
  • The good and the bad are one
  • Co-existing with grass

III.    Soil Management

  • Current state of our soil
  • Roots represent the soil condition
  • Make your soil like leaf mold soil-method

-Let us get rid of the compost method!

  • Other effects of the leaf mold soil-method of soil management
    -Seed and seedling treatment using leaf mold soil-No-till soil management method 1-No-till soil management method 2

IV.     Principles of Making Organic Farming Inputs

  • Understanding organic farming inputs
  • Aenorobic fermentation
  • Water and leaf mold soil
  • Ambient temperature

V.     Making Organic Farming Inputs

  • JADAM Mineral Water (JMW)
    -DIY advanced irrigation system-DIY electric power distribution board
  • JADAM indigenous Microorganism Solution (JMS)
    -The method of storing JMS-Organic livestock farming (no-feces farming)
  • Microorganism medium using grains
  • Customize microorganism medium
  • JADAM Liquid Fertilizer (JLF)
  • Customized JADAM Liquid Fertilizers
  • Food waste JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Human manure JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural nitrogen JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural calcium phospate JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural calcium JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural potasium JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural chitosan JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural mineral JADAM Liquid Fertilizer
  • Natural color enhancer
    -Elegant Ecological Restrooms in harmony with life
  • Fertilizer for nutritional balance
  • Examples of JADAM fertilizer programs
  • Summary of function of each element

VI.     Natural Pesticide

  • Save cost with JADAM Natural Pesticide (JNP)
    -JADAM Organic Farm
  • Why do we need pesticide?
  • Differences between natural and chemical pesticides
    -JADAM Water Softener (JWS)-DIY Water Softener
  • I am the pesticide expert
  • How to do natural pesticide research
  • JADAM Wetting Agent (JWA)

-Making a soap with JWA recipe

  • JADAM Sulfur (JS)
  • JADAM Herb Solution (JHS)
    -Making JHS by using an electric heater-Pesticide residue test of JADAM Sulfur-Pesticide residue test of JADAM Wetting Agent
  • Making pesticide from microorganism solution
  • How much of each ingredients to use
  • JADAM Natural Pesticides program
  • Making herbal smoker
  • Making Surface-spreading agent
    -Controlling aphids with JHS pesticide-New experiment with foam gun
  • Examples of JADAM Natural Pesticide solution
  1. Aphid
  2. Mite
  3. Moth
  4. Scale insect
  5. Mealybug
  6. Whitefly
  7. Slug and Snail
  8. Coffee berry borer (CBB)
  9. Metcalfa pruinosa
  10. All-purpose pesticide
  11. Soil germicide & insecticide
  12. Powdery mildew
  13. Downy mildew
  14. Gray mold
  15. Anthracnose
  16. Verticillum wilt
  17. JMS pesticide
  18. Rice bakanae disease
  19. Fruit trees winter pest control
    -Full disclosure of JADAM Natural Pesticide Lecture!
    -JADAM World Tour


-National List(USDA Organic Regulation)


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