The Essential of Natural Farming

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Chapter 1     Introduction to Natural Farming

  • The Beginning, Genesis 1
  • The Fathers of Natural Farming
  • Concepts of Natural Farming
  • Principles of Natural Farming
  • Benefits of Natural Farming
  • Bee Friendly
  • Comparative Analysis of Farming Systems
  • The Cycle of Nature
  • Circulation of Nature

Chapter 2     The Preparation and Use of Microorganisms

  • What are Microorganisms?
  • What are Indigenous Microorganisms (IMOs)?
  • Benefits of IMOs
  • Collecting IMO1
  • Develeopment of IMO1
  • Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH)
  • Natural Farming Fermented Bio-liquids
  • Natural Attractants
  • Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Tiny Helpers

Chapter 3     Basics of Soil and Growth Management

  • Soil: The Skin of the Earth
  • Common Farming Problems and their Solutions
  • The Compost
  • Soil and Fertilizer Application

Chapter 4     Natural Farming Gardening: Management of Plants, Soil and Water

  • Basic Plant Physiology
  • Nutritive Cycle of Plants
  • Seeds and Seedlings Treatment and Revitalization
  • Rice Protocol “One Plant, One Hill”
  • How to Make Sinamak
  • Mrs. Plants and Friends

Chapter 5     Introduction to Natural Livestock Farming

  • Concepts of Natural Farming Livestock Production
  • Three (3) Purposes of Natural Farming in Livestock
  • Advantages of Natural Livestock Farming
  • Housing and Beddings: Swine and Poultry Production
  • Herbaboy: Raising Pigs
  • The Basics
  • Pigs Bedding Protocol
  • Farm Layout
  • Farrowing Unit Requirements
  • Choosing Piglets for Fattening
  • Phase-out Feeding Program
  • How to Calculate Pig Weight Using a Measuring Tape
  • Plants and Vegetables Feeds
  • Gilt, Sow, and Piglet Management
  • High Quality Pork
  • Hersisiw: Raising Chicken
  • Free-range Chicken
  • Different Strains of Native Chicken
  • Present System of Production
  • Breeding
  • The Housing
  • The Bedding
  • The Waterer
  • Drinking Water
  • The Feeder
  • The Housing Circular Crib
  • Natural Farming Chicken Feeds
  • Reasons for Raising Native Chicken
  • The Greatest Dream
  • Aquaculture


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